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日本からは、博士研究員、民間企業の技術者・研究者などの若手研究者を概ね10名派遣予定です。ご希望の方は、下記詳細をご確認いただき、International HPC Summer School(IHPCSS)のウェブサイト新しいタブで開きます経由で参加申込みを行ってください。

開催日 2022年6月19日(日) - 24日(金)
開催都市 ギリシャ、アテネにて調整中
  • 理化学研究所 計算科学研究センター(R-CCS)
  • 欧州 Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE)
  • 米国 Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)
  • カナダ SciNet HPC Consortium (SciNet)


  • 日本からは概ね10名を派遣予定
  • 所属(機関)長または委任を受けた者の公式な依頼状等が得られる国内の大学等の学生または博士研究者などの若手研究員であること(旅費・滞在費等は弊所負担)

-現地開催の場合、新型コロナウイルス感染症に関し安全配慮義務より、開催国・開催機関・弊所ならびに所属機関規定に基づき海外渡航および出入国時の防疫措置を行うことに同意を得られる者 (渡航に際しすべての参加者はワクチン接種を義務付けられる)


International HPC Summer School新しいタブで開きます

登録締切 2022年1月31日(月)
R-CCSでは、「理化学研究所個人情報保護規程」(PDF 2MB)新しいタブでPDFが開きますに則り厳重に管理し、正当な理由なく第三者への開示、譲渡及び貸与することは一切ありません。



これまで、欧州と米国で"European-U.S. Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences"が3回開催され、その後、2013年に日本が、そして2014年にはカナダも参画し、今年は"12th International Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences"を開催します。




  • ハイパフォーマンスコンピューティングおよびビックデータチャレンジ
  • ハイパフォーマンスコンピューティングプログラミング
  • 性能解析やプロファイリング
  • ソフトウエアエンジニアリング
  • 数値ライブラリ
  • ビッグデータ分析や分析論
  • ディープラーニング(人工知能ならびに深層学習技術)
  • 科学的可視化(科学的成果の可視化技術)
  • 日欧米カナダのハイパフォーマンスコンピューティングインフラストラクチャーの紹介




Research Abstract

Our research topic is radiation protection using Martian magnetic anomalies. To validate the concept of the radiation protection, we have conducted particle simulation to measure how the magnetic anomalies affect the impact rate on the Martian surface. We simulated numerous particle trajectories in the magnetic anomaly using relativistic Buneman-Boris method. The particle simulation handle trajectories of about 1 billion protons. To calculate numerous particles, we constructed simulation program using massive parallelism by MPI and have performed the simulation on the KDK computer system.

Scientific and technological reasons for participating

We have conducted particle simulation parallelized by MPI. However, I studied the parallelism by reading articles on the website mainly and was not taught by professionals of the massive parallelism. Therefore, I would like to study accurate high performance computing skills including the massive parallelism in the summer school. Moreover, these skills are useful for me as a Ph.D. candidate. Then, our research topic will be plasma particle simulation of magnetic nozzle thrusters in space. The particle simulation of magnetic nozzle thrusters has been rarely done so far, because the calculation cost would be huge. To overcome the calculational issues of magnetic nozzle thrusters, I would like to study basic and advanced skills about high performance computing.

Describe your use of HPC, including familiarity with MPI, OpenMP, multicore, accelerators and

coprocessors, and how you participate in software development.in this summer school.
I conducted particle simulation of electrospray thrusters from Month. Year to Month. Year and particle simulation of radiation protection using Martian magnetic anomalies from Month. Year to today. The particle simulation included MPI parallelization and was performed on the JAXA Supercomputer System generation 2 (JSS2) and the KDK computer system. I will conduct particle simulation of magnetic nozzle thrusters using HPC and MPI from Month. Year.

List any awards, scholarships, patents, relevant publications, etc.

-Award for Outstanding Academic Performance, 〇〇 University, Month. Year.
-○○-award, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Month. Year.
-Scholarship student, ○○ Scholarship Foundation
-Name“Title”, Japan, Date (Year), pp.

List any engagement you have in your community beyond the classroom (i.e. research lab positions, leadership positions, committees, outreach activities, etc).

-Tutor for international student, 〇〇 University, Month.Year-Month.Year.
-Special Inter-Institutional Research Fellow, 〇〇, 〇〇 Agency, Month.Year-Month.Year.
-Student member of editorial board, 〇〇, Month.Year-Today.

How could your lab, department, and/or larger community benefit from you attending this summer school?

Attending the summer school will be benefit for our laboratory of 〇〇 University. Our laboratory focuses on space electric propulsion and have conducted plasma particle simulation of microwave plasma thrusters and molecular dynamics simulation of electrospray thrusters. These simulations use HPC, such as the KDK computer system at 〇〇 University. I will spread the experience studying in the summer school.


理化学研究所 計算科学研究推進室(連携促進グループ)

  • メールアドレスrenkei_hrd[at]ml.riken.jp