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R-CCS at ISC2019 (June 16-20, 2019) Booth #K-500

ISC2019 RIKEN R-CCS will exhibit from Jun. 17 to Jun. 19 at ISC2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.

This year we will present an in-depth introduction to the development of the new supercomputer that will supersede the K computer. The supercomputer, formerly known as the post-K, was just named Fugaku, which is another name for Mt. Fuji.

ISC2019 Poster for Fugaku
The Fugaku project will be discussed at Monday’s Focus Session “Post-K Activities,” chaired by the R-CCS Director Satoshi Matsuoka. After the session, all presentations will be made available for visitors to browse at the RIKEN booth.

Also presented will be the latest on research at R-CCS, technologies supporting the operation of the K computer, introduction to training programs at R-CCS, and more. Some of the contents will be in an interactive format in which visitors can pick and choose what they would like to view.

R-CCS will participate in the STEM Student Day & Gala again this year. If you are a student and interested in our research activities, please drop by our booth or join the STEM Student Day & Gala.

  • 【News】2019.6.19
       Graph 500 - 1st place again

       9 consecutive time.

  • 【News】2019.6.18
       HPCG - 3rd place



Workshops and Presentations by R-CCS Scientists

※Local time in Frankfurt

Mon June 17


Kengo Nakajima, Deputy Director Focus Session「Post-K Activities」(ISC2019)





Tue June 18