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RIKEN has established several consortia to facilitate practical use of its research results through industry, academia, and government collaboration. At R-CCS two consortia play a central role in the alliance with industry and share the knowledge gained by the use of the supercomputer Fugaku.

Consortium for Next Generation Automotive CAE using HPC

The Consortium for Next Generation Automotive CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) using HPC (High Performance Computing) was founded in November 2017. The Consortium aims to optimize the data structure and algorithms in existing software for large-scale structural and thermal fluid simulations, and to develop a new simulation framework for coupled fluid-structure solution that is fundamentally different from current CAE technology. Experimental validation is performed in collaboration with the industry to demonstrate the effectiveness of new technology, and at the same time, the knowledge of analytical techniques using HPC is passed on to the industry. Currently, 14 companies in the automobile industry and 11 institutions in the academia participate in the Consortium.

Consortium for Next Generation Combustion System CAE

The Consortium for Next Generation Combustion System CAE was founded in May 2018. The Consortium aims to validate the reliability and effectiveness of CAE as a tool to support the design of various combustion systems and the selection of optimal operating conditions, and to explore ways to improve the precision and speed of CAE using Fugaku and other high-performance computers. The Consortium also aims to build a framework for manufacturing next-generation combustion systems and put it into practical use more quickly by encouraging active discussion and information exchange between academia and industry. Currently, 11 companies in the heavy industry and energy industry and 10 institutions in the academia participate in the Consortium.

Please refer to the following page for RIEKN’s collaboration with the industry.

Contact information regarding industry collaboration

For inquiries about collaboration with R-CCS, please contact the Computational Science Promotion Office.

  • mail addressr-ccs-collabo[at]
  • Please change [at] to @.

Academic Collaboration

RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) promotes collaboration with universities, research institutions, and private enterprises to utilize the potential of the supercomputer Fugaku to the fullest.

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