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RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) offers school programs in computer programming and other subjects that include practical training, as well as workshops that are designed to encourage interchange among diverse research fields related to computational and computer sciences and international exchanges. These programs and workshops are held for students, young researchers and other trainees.
(Application and program periods in parentheses are a general guide; see Future Events for specific information about the programs for each year.)


International HPC Summer School (applications accepted in January - February, program held in June)

This five-day program is held jointly by institutions in Japan (R-CCS), Europe, the United States and Canada, usually in June. Through lectures and practical training conducted by leading researchers in the HPC-related fields, the trainees acquire new knowledge from a wide-ranging perspective and are able to experience international and cross-sectoral exchanges with other trainees of the same generation. (Language:English)

photo:International HPC Summer School

RIKEN International HPC Summer School (applications accepted in April - May, program held in June)

This program for graduate students and PhD holders will be offered starting in FY 2018. The three – five day program provides instruction in state-of-the-art research in computational science and technology fields, and also includes practical training. Young researchers at overseas institutions that have ties to R-CCS also participate in the program. (Language:English)

KOBE HPC Summer School (applications accepted in June - July, program held in August)

In this five-day school program, which is usually held in August, students and young researchers learn about the basics of programming techniques for mastering the use of parallel computers. In addition to lectures that include practical training, the program also features presentations by researchers on practical examples of the use of the K Computer as well as visits to the K Computer and the R-CCS facility. (Language:Japanese)

photo:KOBE HPC Summer School

RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop (applications accepted in December - January, program held in February)

This program for students and young researchers has been offered since FY 2016. Through English presentations and discussions, the three-day workshop aims to create a network of collaborations among young researchers, and to foster their research communication and presentation skills in an international setting. Young researchers at overseas institutions that have ties to R-CCS also participate in the program. (Language:English)

photo:RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop

KOBE HPC Spring School (applications accepted in December - February, program held in March)

This school program teaches the basics of parallel computing and the programming skills needed to master the use of parallel computers (parallel computer programming). The three-day program is usually held in March. In contrast to the summer school which focuses on basic content, the spring school provides intermediate training. (Language:Japanese)

Future Events and Reports

Please refer to Here for Events for students and young researchers.