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Videos below feature the development of the supercomputer Fugaku, virtual tour of the computer room where Fugaku is housed, and more.

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Featured Videos

  • The Fugaku Story: From First Concepts to First Use

    In June and November 2020, the supercomputer Fugaku was certified as the world’s fastest supercomputer in four different computing benchmarks. The Rakugo storyteller Harenosuke Tatekawatakes you through the fascinating story behind the making of Fugaku. Japanese to English script translation by Jeff Gedert.
    RIKEN English Channel (approx. 17 minutes), 2021

  • Take a tour of the supercomputer Fugaku

    This video was recorded by a 360° camera in the computer room where the supercomputer Fugaku is installed. Let's explore the computer room with Fugaku's mascot, Fugakun and learn about the supercomputer!
    RIKEN English Channel (approx. 5 minutes), 2021

  • Messages from the Leaders of the Development of the Supercomputer Fugaku, the Quadruple Crown Winner

    On June 22, 2020, the supercomputer Fugaku took the top spot in four major rankings of the world’s supercomputers. The leaders in the development of Fugaku tell us their thoughts on this achievement.
    RIKEN English Channel (approx. 6 and a half minutes), 2020

  • Debut of Fugaku on the global stage!

    In June 2020, Fugaku ranked No. 1 in four rankings of the world’s supercomputers in its spectacular debut. Enjoy the full view of Fugaku finally revealed after the installation of the front panel just before the debut, and the projection mapping on the front racks.
    RIKEN Channel (approx. 30 seconds), 2020