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RIKEN conducted a demonstration experiment for the introduction of the cloud-like access "Fugaku Cloud Platform (FCP)" from April 2020 to March 2022, to make the computational resources of the supercomputer Fugaku more widely available, to further expand its usefulness and to improve user experience.

The FCP allows users to access Fugaku’s overwhelming computing power more easily through various services provided by external service providers. The alliance between RIKEN and external service providers, each offering operational knowledge in high-performance computing and cloud service technology, will create a new access model for Fugaku.

Nine research projects were completed in collaboration with service providers. Each project provided services to users on a trial basis. From 2022, even after the collaborative research period ended, users are able to continue utilizing both the service, as well as the Fugaku itself, by applying to participate in HPCI research topics jointly with the service provider.

Fugaku Cloud Platform (FCP)

The Nine Collaborative Projects

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