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The RIKEN Center for Computational Science (RIKEN R-CCS) called for collaborative research project proposals for a trial cloud-like use service using the computational resources of the supercomputer Fugaku. After deliberation at the advisory committee by the taskforce that promotes cloud-like use of Fugaku including 9 external experts, 7 collaborative research project proposals were decided.

picture:use of supercomputer Fugaku

Projects and collaborative research partners

  • “Vosges Project: Joint research on cloud utilization using Altair PBS Works and Radioss on Fugaku”
    Altair Engineering, Inc.
  • “Empirical study of high-performance and easy-to-use Science-Cloud for large-scale computational chemistry on the Fugaku Supercomputer”
    HPC Systems Inc.
  • “Cloud Bursting to Fugaku by Job Scheduler”
    HPC Solutions, Inc.(ARGO GRAPHICS Inc.)
  • “Developing Useability Enhancement of Fugaku, Everyone's Fugaku”
  • “XTREME-Stargate(TM) connectivity verification to Supercomputer Fugaku”
    XTREME-D Inc.
  • “Verification of FOCUS/VINAS Industrial Applications aimed at the Cloud-Like Use of the Supercomputer Fugaku”
    Foundation for Computational Science: FOCUS(VINAS Co., Ltd.)
  • “Democratizing HPC on Fugaku with JARVICE XE and Kubernetes”
    Nimbix, Inc.

For each project, we plan to conduct a feasibility study in order to examine feasibility and effectiveness related to cloud-like use of Fugaku.

RIKEN and partner organizations/companies will prepare to start the projects.

Refer to the following webpage for the outline and objectives of the collaborative research projects.
Call for Collaborative Research Projects for Verifying the Cloud-Like Use of Fugaku

(Feb 28, 2020)