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About Us

RIKEN R-CCS Software Center was founded in 2017 to promote software developed at R-CCS.
The missions of RIKEN R-CCS Software Center are:
― to develop and deploy high quality applications, libraries, programming tools, etc. (called "R-CCS Software") for many HPC platforms including the K computer and the successor.
― to support and collaborate with R-CCS Software users from various fields of science and engineering to improve and enhance the R-CCS Software.
Currently we are promoting four software developed by R-CCS and plan to expand the lineup in the near future.



    Job management software for large scale simulations.

  • NTChem

    Comprehensive software for ab initio quantum chemistry calculations of large and complicated molecular systems.


    Basic library for the analysis and simulation of the climate system of the Earth and planets.


    Molecular dynamics and modeling software for bimolecular systems such as proteins, lipids, glycans, and their complexes.

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