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Fugaku's achievements are not only the hardware, but also the whole system, including the system software and applications for Arm for HPC realized on top of it, and the science and solutions that make the digital twin[1] possible. The R-CCS aims to create 'Cloud APIs on Fugaku' and 'virtual Fugaku' so that its results can be widely established and utilized in society. The former adds functions and interfaces to Fugaku as a cloud infrastructure, making it easier to realize cloud application services on Fugaku and to use them in conjunction with other clouds, and is already being undertaken on a trial basis. The latter aims to create an environment in which the results of the Fugaku software and applications can also be used directly on the commercial cloud - a virtual Fugaku, so to speak.

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To realize Virtual Fugaku, R-CCS signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which develops AWS Graviton3 CPU which is compatible with Fukagu’s Arm-architecture-based A64FX CPU, and will collaborate in joint research to build an environment to reproduce the functionality of Fugaku in the cloud through application[2] performance portability between Fugaku and AWS infrastructure.

If Virtual Fugaku becomes a reality, it will further promote the widespread use of high-performance software execution and development environments in large-scale machine infrastructures such as supercomputers and cloud computing for Arm CPUs, which are already widely used in the consumer market. This is expected to make it easier for Fugaku users and potential users to enjoy the results of Fugaku technology, and enable companies to immediately reflect the results of cutting-edge research and development carried out at Fugaku in their product development, leading to further expansion of users, including in industry, the accumulation of examples of use and the spread of technology. The aim is for this initiative to progress further and lead to the realization of Virtual Fugaku, thereby establishing the achievements of Fugaku as an important social infrastructure for our daily lives, and through this, the realization of a Society 5.0[3].

(Feb 6, 2023)