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K computer Tour

supercomputer K

K computer group tours are available on request. Please read the guidelines below and send us an application form via email or fax. Accepted groups will be invited to view the K computer from the Visitor Hall.

The Exhibit Hall on the first floor is open to the public during the business hours (viewing of the K computer is not available). Details are here.


Guidelines for K computer Tour

Before submitting an application form

  • Only applications from organizations will be accepted. The group size is limited to 5-60 persons (contact us for exceptions)
  • Tours are available on weekdays at 10 am-noon and 1:30 pm-5 pm. (not available on weekends, holidays, RIKEN holidays, days of special events)
  • Each tour will take about 30-60 min depending on the course.
  • A tour guide will provide information about the K computer appropriate for the general public.
  • There is no charge for the K Tour.
  • Tours can be scheduled through August 9, 2019.

About the Tour

Below are typical tours that take 30 or 60 min. Please indicate your preference on the application form.

  • 30-min Course: A short video about the “Development of the K computer” or research accomplishments, viewing of the K computer, Q&A
  • 60-min Course: A short video about the “Development of the K computer” and/or research accomplishments, K computer summary presentation (ppt), viewing of the K computer, Q&A

    *Tour of research laboratories is not available.

How to Apply

Please fill out the application form and submit via email (r-ccs-kengaku[at]ml.riken.jp) or FAX (078-304-4964)at least 15 days before your preferred tour date.

We will contact the applicants by email (r-ccs-kengaku[at]ml.riken.jp).

  • If you need special assistance, please indicate in the application form.
  • We will not accept applications from a tour company on behalf of visitors.
  • We will not accept applications from for-profit companies/groups that charge a fee to the visitors.
    If transportation fees must be collected from the visitors, please state clearly that "Visitors will not be charged for the K computer tour."
  • Certain dates/times may not be available for a tour.
  • Personal information will be handled according to the "Protection of personal data" described on the Terms of Use page.
  • We photograph or videotape the tour from time to time and post on our website or Facebook page for public relations purposes. If you wish to not be photographed or videotaped, please inform us in advance.

Contact Us

RIKEN Center for Computational Science
Public Relations Group (please mention “K computer Tour”)
Tel:078-940-5800 (Japanese) 078-940-5849 (English)