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Event Calendar

This page contains information about events related to computational and computer sciences.

Event categories for participants are as follows:
(E) Expert – for researchers and students in academia and industry, who have specialized knowledge
(G) General – for general public, who do not have specialized knowledge (higher than or equal to senior high school students)
(J) Junior – for general public, higher than or equal to junior high school students
(F) Family – for elementary school children and their parents

Date Title Organizer
Jan. 4-6, 2019 IMCOM 2019(the 13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication) IMCOM
Jan. 8, 2019 39th Advanced Supercomputing Environment (ASE) Seminar (Ode to Multigrid II) Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo,
JHPCN, Innovative Multigrid Methods
Jan. 11-12, 2019 Active Matter Workshop 2019 MIMS, MEXT Joint Usage/Research Center Meiji University CMMA (Center for Mathematical Modeling and Applications)
Jan. 14-16, 2019 HPC Asia 2019(International Conference on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region) HPC Asia
Jan. 21-24, 2019 ISDA2019(The 7th International Symposium on Data Assimilation) RIKEN R-CCS
Feb. 15-17, 2019 The 3rd RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop RIKEN R-CCS
Feb. 18-19, 2019 The 1st R-CCS International Symposium RIKEN R-CCS
Feb. 25- Mar. 1, 2019 Motile Active Matter: Nanomachines, Microswimmers, and Swarms Jülich Forschungszentrum
Feb. 27-Mar 2, 2019IEEE BigComp 2019(The 6th IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing)IEEE
Mar. 11-14, 2019 SCA19 (Supercomputing Asia) National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC)
Mar. 9-15, 2019 AP-RASC 2019(2019 URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference) AP-RASC
Apr. 4-9, 2019 IEEE Mobile Cloud 2019 (The Seventh IEEE International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing, Services, and Engineering ) IEEE
Apr. 22-25, 2019 DASFAA 2019 (24th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications) DASFAA
May 20-23, 2019 ARCS 2019(32nd International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems ) ARCS
May 27-June 28, 2019 YITP 2019(Quantum Information and String Theory 2019) YITP
June 10-14, 2019 VarSITI Closing Symposium VarSITI
June 12-14, 2019 ICCS 2019(International Conference on Computational Science) ICCS
June 16-20, 2019 ISC2019 ISC
June 22-29, 2019 ACM HPDC 2019(The 28th International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing) HPDC
July 2-5, 2019 Traffic and Granular Flow 2019 TGF(Traffic and Granular Flow)
July 7-12, 2019 International HPC Summer School 2019 RIKEN R-CCS
Nov. 17-22, 2019 SC2019 SC

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