RIKEN Center for Computational Science

Supercomputer Fugaku

Expected Outcome: Priority Issues and Exploratory Challenges

Social and scientific priority issues to be tackled by using the Supercomputer Fugaku

1. Priority Issues

Category Priority issues Organizations
Achievement of a society that provides health and longevity Priority Issue 1 Priority Issue 1 icon
Innovative drug discovery infrastructure through functional control of biomolecular systems
RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
and 6 other institutions
Priority Issue 2 Priority Issue 2 icon
Integrated computational life science to support personalized and preventive medicine
The Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo
and 4 other institutions
Disaster prevention and global climate problems Priority Issue 3 Priority Issue 3 icon
Development of integrated simulation systems for hazards and disasters induced by earthquakes and tsunamis
Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo
and 4 other institutions
Priority Issue 4 Priority Issue 4 icon
Advancement of meteorological and global environmental predictions utilizing observational “Big Data”
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and other 5 institutions
Energy problems Priority Issue 5 Priority Issue 5 icon
Development of new fundamental technologies for high-efficiency energy creation, conversion/storage and use
Institute for Molecular Science, National Institute of Natural Sciences
and 8 other institutions
Priority Issue 6 Priority Issue 6 icon
Accelerated development of innovative clean energy systems
School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
and 11 other institutions
Enhancement of industrial competitiveness Priority Issue 7 Priority Issue 7 icon
Creation of new functional devices and high-performance materials to support next-generation industries(CDMSI)
The Institute for Solid State Physics, the University of Tokyo
and 9 other institutions
Priority Issue 8 Priority Issue 8 icon
Development of innovative design and production processes that lead the way for the manufacturing industry in the near future
Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo
and 7 other institutions
Development of basic science Priority Issue 9 Priority Issue 9 icon
Elucidation of the fundamental laws and evolution of the universe
Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
and 10 other institutions


2. Exploratory Challenges

Exploratory Challenge Organizations
Exploratory Challenge 1
Frontiers of Basic Science: Challenging the Limits
Tohoku University
and 9 other institutions
Tokyo Woman's Christian University
and 3 other institutions
The University of Tokyo
Exploratory Challenge 2
Construction of Models for Interaction Among Multiple Socioeconomic Phenomena
RIKEN Center for Computational Science
and other 12 institutions
Tokyo University of Science
and other 3 institutions
Exploratory Challenge 3
Elucidation of the Birth of Exoplanets [Second Earth] and the Environmental Variations of Planets in the Solar System
Kobe University
and other 8 institutions
Exploratory Challenge 4

Elucidation of How Neural Networks Realize Thinking and Its Application to Artificial Intelligence
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
and other 4 institutions
RCAST, The University of Tokyo