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The 182nd R-CCS Cafe -partⅠ

The 182nd R-CCS Cafe -part Ⅰ
Date and Time: Mon. Oct. 7, 2019, 13:00 - 13:55
Place: Lecture Hall (6th floor) at R-CCS

Title: Data Processing for Digital Ensemble and Topographical Aspect of Simulation of Disaster
Speaker: Satoru Oishi (Team Leader, Computational Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Research Team)

Presentation Language: English
Presentation Material: English


Simulation of disaster on HPC requires well scaled program and urban structure data. A very small number of people make well scaled program as an academic achievement, whereas a very large number of people are necessary for applying it into real world through making urban structure data. Urban structure data consists of variety of sources like government, commercial and satellite data. It means that urban structure model is ill-structured. And due to its frequent changes, it is necessary for us to make a sophisticated way of data processing for introducing urban structure alive in numerical simulation. The first part of the talk will deal with the data processing and its applications.
On the other hand, people are anxious about the predictability of disaster simulation because cities are devastated by disasters every year. In the second part of the talk, we will discuss about the predictability of damage of disasters. We are living in concave system, then, a highly accurate simulation result can be obtained when we deal with disaster damage.