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The 180th R-CCS Cafe -partⅠ

The 180th R-CCS Cafe -part Ⅰ
Date and Time: Mon. Sep. 2, 2019, 13:00 - 13:55
Place: Lecture Hall (6th floor) at R-CCS

Title: Current status of FDPS/Processor design from HPC perspective
Speaker: Jun Makino(Team Leader, Particle Simulator Research Team)

Presentation Language: English
Presentation Material: English


This talk will consist of two parts. In part I, I'll overview the current status of FDPS (Framework for Developing Particle Simulator). FDPS provide an easy and highly efficient way to develop parallel program for particle-based simulations, through extensive use of metaprogramming. It takes the definitions of particle class and particle-particle interaction function as input, and generates high-performance parallel libraries for domain decomposition, particle exchange and interaction calculation. Using these functions, application programmers can develop their own parallel programs, without spending much time to write and debug parallel code written in MPI. In fact, an application program written using FDPS functions contain no MPI calls and yet run on single-core, multiple cores using OpenMP or multiple nodes using MPI (or hybrid OpenMP-MPI) without the need of the change in the source code. After the initial release of FDPS in 2015, we have added many additional functionalities and performance improvement, which I'll overview in this talk. In the second part, I'll discuss how one can design the processors architecture which is "optimal" in some well-defined meaning.