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System Operations and Development Unit

The system operations and development team has conducted operations and maintenance management, user management, and user support of the K computer in addition to the research and development on advanced management and operations of the K computer. We have made improvements of the job scheduler, file system, and MPI library (communications library) while analyzing the operational statistics of the K computer. Additionally, we have also carried out network maintenance management, etc., within the Advanced Institute for Computational Science.

Improvement of operation of the K computer

We have analyzed the execution status of the job and optimized some parameters of the scheduler, etc. As a result, we have improved the system usage and then have realized high level untilization around 80%. Figure: Detailes of resource usage
Figure: Detailes of resource usage

Improvement of System Software and Development of Tools

We have improved the system software (MPI library, compliers and etc) and they have enabled the user to improve the performance of the user’s application without any code changes. And we have also developed tools that support the use of the K computer. Figure: Improved performance of Alltoallv on the K computer
Figure: Improved performance of Alltoallv on the K computer

User Support

We have conducted the user support, such as the user management and the consulting services.

Unit Leader Atsuya UNO

Unit Leader
Atsuya UNO

R-CCS Annual Report
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