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Japan’s supercomputer Fugaku took top place in two rankings—HPCG and Graph 500 —as well as the number four spot on the Top500 ranking and third place on the HPL-MxP benchmarks.

These rankings, announced at SC23 in Denver, Colorado, USA, show that Fugaku continues to maintain its place at the top of the supercomputing world.

Fugaku is engaging in various initiatives for the globally attention "AI for Science," contributing to the enhancement of AI research capabilities domestically. In addition, research aimed at further development of high-performance computation, such as the fusion of classical and quantum computation, is also expected.

Responding to the awards, RIKEN Center for Computational Science Director Satoshi Matsuoka said, “Fugaku has been operating on a trial basis since the first half of 2020, and this will be the eighth time in total that it has appeared in the semi-annual ranking of the world's major supercomputer performance indices. It is also ranked 4th in the TOP500 traditional index and 3rd in the HPL-MxP AI index, demonstrating its world-class overall strength. This is because, while the development of new supercomputers is being developed in many countries around the world and many newly developed supercomputers appear in the ranking every time, the fact that the world's top-class performance has been maintained over a long period of four years is due not only to Fugaku's high original technological capabilities in hardware, but also to the software side of RIKEN R-CCS, which is the world's leading supercomputer in its field. In fact, in this year's rankings, R-CCS further increased its score and extended its lead in the Graph500, and also maintained its world-leading position in the HPL-MxP, a new index for large-scale AI newly established after the completion of Fugaku. The fact that Fugaku continues to receive recognition in such multifaceted indices indicates that the development policy of Fugaku, which was aimed at utilizing the Center in a wide range of fields, was correctly realized. The high level of capability that R-CCS has cultivated with "Fugaku" is reflected in these rankings, and this knowledge is also being utilized in the consideration of the research and development of the next-generation supercomputer that R-CCS has already begun.”

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(Nov 14, 2023)