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We are pleased to announce the transfer of the panels (with the logo) and the system boards of the K computer. The K computer was jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu Limited and operated by RIKEN from 2012 through 2019. In order to receive the items, the recipient must meet and agree to the following terms and conditions. Please note that each recipient can receive only one set of the panel and the system board.

Terms and Conditions of Transfer

  1. The recipient shall be a public institution established by the national or local government; a public interest corporation; a legal entity established by a special law; or a research and educational institution, such as a university.
  2. After the transfer, the panel (with the logo) and the system board shall be displayed in a place that can be viewed by visitors. The recipient shall take necessary measures, such as earthquake safety measures.
  3. The recipient shall bear all costs necessary for the shipping and display of the received items.
  4. The sale and retransfer of the received items shall be prohibited.
  5. The recipient shall complete and submit the pledge form below as well as any other documents necessary to complete the procedures for the transfer of RIKEN’s assets.


1. What does the panel (with the logo) look like?

  • See the picture on the right for appearance.
  • It weighs about 70 kilograms and is 800 mm wide x 2,295 mm high.
  • It is made of glass and is breakable.(RIKEN will not be held responsible for any damage caused in transit or during display, nor will we be able to provide a replacement.)
  • It is not a self-standing item. An appropriate stand is required for display.

2. What does the system board look like?

  • See the picture on the right for appearance.
  • It consists of four CPUs (hidden beneath the copper plates), the memory, and copper pipes through which cold water flows to cool down the CPUs.
  • It weighs about 14 kilograms and is approximately 600 mm square.
  • It will be delivered with the lid attached (see the picture), but the lid can easily be removed.

3. How much does it cost for shipping?

4. Will associated materials necessary for display be provided?

5. Is it possible to receive more than one set?

6. Is it possible to receive only the panel (with the logo) or only the system board?

7. Is it possible for a foreign institution to receive the transferred items?

8. How will the recipients be selected if there are many applicants?

How to apply

Application deadline

July 31st, 2021


Public Relations Group
Computational Science Promotion Office
RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS)

(Jul 1, 2021)