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Spack Tutorial on April 23 - 24 in Kobe, Japan *Broadcasted via WebEx

・Broadcasted via WebEx on April 23 has ended. Thank you for your participation and viewing.
・Group photo of April 23

RIKEN R-CCS will hold a tutorial on Spack , a rapidly expanding package manager for HPC. A team at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will perform the Spack tutorial. Spack automates and accelerates the process of building and installing software and provides a convenient way to distribute scientific software for others to use.

Spack logo
    Other main features:
  • Resolve package, library, external software dependencies automatically and download, build and install
  • It is possible to centrally manage various combinations of installations for applications where multiple software versions are switched and used (such as various compiler versions, comparative evaluation of multiple combinations of MPI types, etc.)
  • For app and system software developers, easily deploy their developed software to the HPC community

And so on, it has the function to solve various problems in many other software package management.

Tutorial Details (PDF 42KB)


Location RIKEN R-CCS 1F Seminar Room
Area Map: Area Map around R-CCS
Schedule Tue. April 23, 2019: 9:00am-17:00pm
Wed. April 24, 2019: Adjust by request
Capacity Around 100 people
Entry fee Free
Language English
Related WEB site https://spack.io
(For more details on past versions of this tutorial)

Program overview (tentative)

Tue. April 23

Time Program
8:30 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 - 9:50
  • High-level introduction to Spack
  • How Spack is used at HPC centers around the world
  • How Spack is being used in ECP to manage our software distribution
  • ECP Continuous integration, GitLab, and Spack binary distribution
  • Spack road map
  • Discussion
9:50 - 10:10 Break
10:10 - 11:40
  • Spack Basics
  • Core Spack concepts
  • Configuration
11:40 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 15:00
  • Intro to making Spack packages
  • Spack environments
15:00 - 15:30 Break
15:30 - 17:00
  • Spack for HPC facilities: configuring module files
  • Advanced packaging topics

Wed. April 24
In-depth discussion and meetings with teams

Registration deadline

Sun. Mar 31, 2019


Register here(※closed)
※If you would like to register, please contact us individually.

How to connect

*Broadcasted via WebEx on April 23 has ended. Thank you for your participation and viewing.

  1. Click the right “Spack Tutorial (Link to the WebEx session)” link.
  2. Enter your name (first and last), and e-mail address.
  3. Click the “Join Now” button.

When connecting for the first time, you will be asked to install the WebEx module into the utilizing Web browser (Follow the upcoming instructions).
It is possible to connect via mobile devices (Necessary to install proper WebEx application)
In the WebEx application, enter the following information:
・Event number: closed
・Event password: closed

Important Notes

  • The WebEx broadcasting can be interrupted or terminated depending on the network condition or any other unexpected event.
  • The program schedule and contents can be modified without prior notice.
  • Depending on the utilized device and network environment, it may not be able to watch the WebEx session.
  • All rights concerning the broadcasted material will belong to the organizer and the presenters, and it is prohibited to copy, modify, or redistribute the total or a part of the broadcasted material without the previous permission of RIKEN.


Computational Science Promotion Office, RIKEN R-CCS
High Performance Big Data Research Team
Team Leader Kento Sato
kento.sato[at]riken.jp  *Please change [at] to @ when sending email.

Spack Tutorial