Final Circular

Lattice 2015: Final Circular


Final Circular
This is the final circular for Lattice 2015.
Please read this carefully since a number of important issues are
addressed. Information about the plenary, parallel and poster
schedules is now available on the conference webpage:

We will distribute a conference booklet at the reception.
The pdf file of the booklet can be downloaded at


Travel information is provided at

After arriving at the final destination airport in Japan,
participants should head towards the Sannomiya Station (or towards
the Kobe Airport- Portliner Station if you got to the Kobe airport),
and then take the Portliner to the K Computer Mae Station for
the welcome reception or to the Shimin Hiroba Station to get to
the conference venue. (See a map in the conference homepage.)

The welcome reception is held on Monday, July 13 from 18:00 to 21:00
at Kobe Animal Kingdom. The reception site is a different place from
the conference venue and is located nearby K Computer Mae station,
which is two stops away from Shimin Hiroba station by the Portliner.
We will open the conference desk there during the welcome reception.

The conference desk in the Kobe International Conference Center
is located near the main hall on the first floor in the morning on
July 14 and the conference desk will move to Room 407 on the fourth
floor in the afternoon. It will open from July 14 to July 18, to answer
questions, provide assistance and deal with unexpected difficulties.

We have a message board near the conference desk and put information
about the conference on the message board.

The phone number to conference secretary is 080-4391-6544.
It is available from July 13 to July 18.


Scientific Program
The schedule for the conference is at

The scientific program starts at 9:00 on Tuesday, July 14, 2015,
and ends at 16:45 on Saturday, July 18.
Please note that the program starts at 9:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday,
Friday and Saturday but starts at 8:30 only on Thursday.

Morning rush hour of the Portliner is 8:10 to 8:50.
If you want to avoid rush hour, you should come early to the venue.

The plenary sessions will be held at the main hall of the Kobe
International Conference Center.
The parallel sessions take place on the fourth floor in the same building.
The schedule is available on the webpage:

The poster session will be held between 18:30 and 21:00 on Wednesday,
July 15 on the fourth floor of the Kobe International Conference Center.

Restaurant information for lunch and dinner can be found in the web page:


Information for plenary and parallel speakers
Parallel session talks are 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for discussion.
Plenary speakers have been advised of the time reserved for their talk
upon invitation.

Conference laptops with projectors will be used in all the sessions.
Please prepare your presentation in Adobe Portable Document Format
(.pdf) or Microsoft PowerPoint Format (.ppt, .pptx).
No other formats can be supported.
You are required to upload your presentation via the Indico system at
least one hour prior to the start of your session.
There is "My contributions" in the menu after logging-in.
Please select it and click the "View" link.
Then you can find "Edit files" and upload your presentation.

We strongly suggest that your presentation file should be uploaded
before leaving for the conference to avoid wireless network trouble
in the conference site.


Information for poster presenters
Posters should be in A0 portrait format (841 mm wide, 1189 mm high)
or smaller. You must print out your poster before leaving for
the conference and bring it with you. Please note that there are
no printing facilities in the conference venue.

Each poster will be assigned a number and you are expected to tack
your poster to the board with the corresponding number.
To confirm your poster number, please log-in the Indico system and
select "My contributions" in the menu. Pins will be provided.
Posters can be displayed for the entire duration of the conference.

The poster session will start at 18:30 on Wednesday.
For those of you that receive odd numbers you should be at your posters
for discussions from 19:00 to 20:00, while those receiving even
numbers should stand next to their posters from 20:00 to 21:00.
This way everyone has time to see the other posters and be found by
other attendees for discussions.

Poster presenters are also requested to upload their presentation via
the Indico system before the beginning of the conference.
The upload procedure is the same as that for oral presenters.


The afternoon of Thursday, July 16 is allocated for excursions.
Kobe is a convenient place to have a half-day trip to anywhere in
Kansai area.

We prepare 4 guided tours explained at

The on-line reservation was closed already, but some of the tours may
be still available and can be booked on-site.
Please visit the tour reception desk.
The tour buses will leave from the front north side of the conference
building at 13:30 after the lunch break.

In addition, we organize "K computer tour" for people who are not
going for an excursion. We reserve two slots of K computer tour.
15:00 - 16:00 (max 60 people)
16:00 - 17:00 (max 60 people)
Please visit the conference desk if you are interested in.


Conference Banquet
The conference banquet will be held on Friday, July 17 in the banquet
room named "Ohwada" in the South Wing, Kobe Portopia Hotel, located
next to the Kobe International Conference Center.


The average high/low temperature is 30.0C(86F)/24.4C(75.9F) in July.
The conference period is at about the end of the rainy season on
average, which means it will certainly be sticky and could be very hot
or could rain heavily.
Please check the weather, for example at


Contact Information
More information can be found on the conference web page:

The information is updated regularly.
If you need to contact us, please send an email to


We look forward to seeing you at Kobe.

Lattice 2015 Local Organizing Committee:
Yasumichi Aoki (Nagoya University, Vice-Chair)
Shinji Ejiri (Niigata University)
Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka University)
Ken-Ichi Ishikawa (Hiroshima University)
Yoshinobu Kuramashi (University of Tsukuba, RIKEN AICS, Chair)
Yoshifumi Nakamura (RIKEN AICS)
Yuya Shimizu (RIKEN AICS)
Shinji Takeda (Kanazawa University)