The conference venue is located in the middle of the Kobe Port Island. A convenient transportation to the venue is provided by the Portliner, which connects between the Sannomiya Station (which is also shared by the JR line and subway, and is located on the Japanese main land) and the Kobe Airport beyond the other end of the Port Island. After arriving at the final destination airport in Japan, participants should head towards the Sannomiya- or the Kobe Airport- Portliner Station, and then take the Portliner to the K Computer Mae Station for the welcome reception or to the ShiminHiroba Station to get to the conference venue.
  • From Narita International Airport

  • Tokyo-Narita International Airport serves the largest number of international fight in Japan. It would be convenient to further take a domestic flight from Narita to Kansai International Airport or Itami Airport (see below). Getting to Kobe from Narita International Airport through trains is perhaps a way for experienced. There are a number of options, you can find them at
  • From Kansai International Airport

  • Limousine buses connect Kansai International Airport to the center of Kobe (Sannomiya) in 90 minutes (cost: one way 1950 Yen, RT 3080 Yen). Trains take about 90 minutes and cost about 2170 Yen by JR lines. Although trains usually run punctually, which is good for catching a flight, you might find it inconvenient to ride local JR connections with a large luggage. Bay shuttle connects Kansai International Airport to Kobe Airport. It takes about 40 minutes and costs 1850 Yen. Note, Bay shuttle service is more affected by weather and July is typhoon season. In an inclement weather the service may stop, but, a shuttle bus service is provided for the ticket holders as a substitute.
  • From Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport)

  • Limousine buses connect Itami Airport to the center of Kobe (Sannomiya) in 40 minutes (cost: one way 1050 Yen). For another option from Itami Airport, trains take about 60 minutes and cost about 570 Yen by Osaka monorail and Hankyu line.
  • From Kobe Airport

  • Kobe Airport is just at one Portliner stop (<5 minutes) from the K Computer Mae sta. (reception party place: Kobe Animal Kingdom) or at 3 stops (<10 minutes) from the ShiminHiroba sta. (conference venue: Kobe International Conference Center). It costs 250 Yen. International flights to Kobe Airport are not many. There are frequent flights from and to the Haneda International Airport of Tokyo (, to which only restricted connections from abroad exist, but a frequent shuttle bus connection from Narita airport is available).
  • From Shin-Kobe Station

  • Shin-Kobe Station is a railway terminal for JR Shinkansen bullet trains in Kobe. A short subway ride links you to Sannomiya Station at the city center (cost: one way 210 Yen).
  • From Sannomiya Station

  • Sannomiya Station is the main railway terminal of Kobe. The Portliner takes 10/15 mins to get to the ShiminHiroba sta. (conference venue: Kobe International Conference Center)/K Computer Mae sta. (reception party place: Kobe Animal Kingdom) and costs 250/280 Yen.