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Workshop on Large-scale Parallel Numerical Computing Technology
(LSPANC 2020 January)
— HPC and Computer Arithmetics toward Minimal-Precision Computing —

January 29 – 30, 2020
RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS), Kobe, Japan


In numerical computations, the precision of floating-point computations is a key factor to determine the performance (speed and energy-efficiency) as well as the reliability (accuracy and reproducibility). However, the precision generally plays a contrary role for both. Therefore, the ultimate concept for maximizing both at the same time is the minimal-precision computation through precision-tuning, which adjusts the optimal precision for each operation and data. Several studies have been already conducted for it so far, but the scope of those studies is limited to the precision-tuning alone.

In 2019, we have just started the Minimal-Precision Computing project [1] to propose a more broad concept of the minima-precision computing system with precision-tuning, involving both hardware and software stack. Specifically, our system combines (1) a precision-tuning method based on Discrete Stochastic Arithmetic (DSA), (2) arbitrary-precision arithmetic libraries, (3) fast and accurate numerical libraries, and (4) Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) with High-Level Synthesis (HLS).

This workshop aims to discuss the future direction of the project by reviewing the available technologies and current challanges together with our project members, guest speakers, and you.

[1] Daichi Mukunoki, Toshiyuki Imamura, Yiyu Tan, Atsushi Koshiba, Jens Huthmann, Kentaro Sano, Fabienne Jézéquel, Stef Graillat, Roman Iakymchuk, Norihisa Fujita, Taisuke Boku: Minimal-Precision Computing for High-Performance, Energy-Efficient, and Reliable Computations, SC19 research poster session, 2019.

General information

Program committee

Speakers (alphavetical order)

Speakers from project members

  1. Daichi Mukunoki (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
  2. Fabienne Jézéquel (Sorbonne University)
  3. Jens Huthmann (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
  4. Kentaro Sano (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
  5. Norihisa Fujita (University of Tsukuba)
  6. Roman Iakymchuk (Sorbonne University and Fraunhofer ITWM)
  7. Taisuke Boku (University of Tsukuba)
  8. Toshiyuki Imamura (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
  9. Yiyu Tan (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)

Guest speakers

  1. Artur Podobas (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
  2. Jens Domke (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
  3. Kai Torben Ohlhus (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)
  4. Maho Nakata (RIKEN)
  5. Shuhei Kudo (RIKEN Center for Computational Science)
  6. Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University)
  7. Takeshi Fukaya (Hokkaido University)
  8. Takeshi Ogita (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)
  9. Yuki Murakami (University of Aizu)


January 28, Tuesday

Day 1: January 29, Wednesday

Day 2: January 30, Thursday


This workshop was supported by FOCUS Establishing Supercomputing Center of Excellence.

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