GENESIS 1.7.0 released

This version has the following updates.

  • (ATDYN) AICG2+ CG model for protein
  • (ATDYN) Macro-mixing KB Go/DoME model
  • (ATDYN) 3SPN.2C CG model for DNA
  • (ATDYN) Structure-based CG model for RNA
  • (ATDYN) HPS/KH CG model for IDR and RNA
  • (ATDYN) PWMcos CG model for protein-DNA sequence-specific interaction
  • (ATDYN) Morphing calculation
  • (Analysis) CG topology/parameter/coordinate generation: GENESIS-CG-tool
  • (Analysis) Q-value analysis for CG models
  • (Analysis) Extracting averages of selected atoms
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