Measures Coronavirus

1. Thorough wearing of masks

  • Confirm that participants and staff are wearing the mask, give them the words of caution individually to wear mask at all times. Especially at the poster presentation venue, make sure them to wear a mask.
  • If someone does not bring a mask, the organizer will distribute it.
  • Recommend a mask made of non-woven fabric or with equivalent or better performance.

2. Guarantee not to speak loudly

  • Use sound equipment appropriately.
  • Ask for a conversation with a volume that is equivalent to that of a daily conversation.
  • If someone shouts loudly, give individual warnings.

3. Thorough hand washing

  • Encourage frequent hand washing.
  • Completely separate toilets for staff and participants.

4. Disinfection

  • Frequent disinfection of the facility (entrances, toilets, places where viruses may be attached, microphone equipment, etc.).
  • Place hand sanitizers at building entrances and meeting rooms and request hand sanitizing.

5. Ventilation

  • Limit the number of people in the room to the extent that the air in the room can be ventilated with a constant ventilation capacity.

6. Avoid crowds

  • Establish and guide flow lines to avoid crowding when entering and exiting the main venue and poster presentation venue.
  • In the "Fugaku" tour, the flow line at the entrance and exit will be separated to avoid crowding.

7. Ensuring physical distancing

  • Maintain a distance of at least 2m between the speaker and the audience. For speakers who do not use a mask, an acrylic board will be installed on the podium to replace the mask.
  • Participants should be seated far enough apart to avoid human contact.

8. Eating and drinking restrictions

  • Do not serve food to participants.
  • Coffee breaks should be held in a dedicated area with sufficient infection prevention measures.
  • RIKEN staff will have lunch in their own room.


  • Conduct temperature checks upon entry.
  • Do not allow anyone with a fever of 37.5°C or higher to participate.

10. Understanding participants

  • Pre-register participants.
  • Limit the extent to which participants can move freely. The tour will be accompanied by a staff member, and the tour will follow a pre-determined route.

11. Speaker behavior management

  • Symptomatic people refrain from lectures.
  • If the speaker is feeling unwell, consult with a medical institution, etc.

12. Behavior management before and after the symposium

  • Encourage participants to cooperate in infection control measures before and after the event. Those who are unwell are requested to contact the secretariat.

Hyogo Prefecture Checklist (PDF)