Fugaku Tour

Welcome to Fugaku! The participants can see Fugaku at RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS) building. We are preparing two plans as follows:

  • Tour A (Computer room, application required)
    You can see Fugaku up close in the computer room.
    If you wish to participate, please check "Apply for Fugaku Tour" on the registration site.
    Due to the capacity limitation, a lottery will be held if too many applications exist.
    We will notify you of the results individually by email.
    Tour B, viewing from the exhibition area, requires no application, and there is no limit on the number of people.
    We appreciate your understanding.
  • Tour B (Exhibition area, no application required)
    The Fugaku exhibition area will be open to symposium participants during lunchtime.
    You can see Fugaku through the glass. No application is required.
    Please visit the 1st floor of R-CCS building during lunchtime. Our staff will guide you to the exhibition area.
    From the convention center to the R-CCS building where Fugaku is installed, it takes two stops on the Port Liner or a 25-minute walk.
    The entrance gate will be closed 20 minutes before the end of the lunch break: 13:10 (Jan-29) and 13:25 (Jan-30).

Access from the conference center to R-CCS

fugakutour access