K-scope is a source code analysis tool with graphical user interface that visualizes program structures of Fortran 90 and FORTRAN 77 with fixed or free form source code. It is suitable for source code reading for engineers who work the performance improvement for an application of high performance computing.

K-scope has some features as follows.

If you can access a server installed with Omni XcalableMP compiler, you can build intermediate codes on the server remotely via SSH service by SSHconnect.jar. This software is an utility for remote command execution with automatic data transfer. It is bundled with the binary package of K-scope.

Also, we collaborate with Yokokawa labratory in Kobe university to improve the performance tuning environment of HPC. After version 0.2.6, K-scope imported some features from the contributions as an experimental study.

[Note] K-scope requires front-end program of the Omni XcalableMP compiler to make intermediate codes. If you're an user of the K computer, you can make intermediate codes with the front-end program. If not, you need to download the source code from here, and compile it before using K-scope.

The Latest Version

The GitHub repository is here.

(2014/12/19) K-scope version 0.2.6
(2013/12/27) SSHconnect version 1.18:
An utility for remote command execution with automatic data transfer
Note: Previous version are moved to here.