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    (Application Form)
    I want to use the K Pre-Post Cloud service in FY2020.
    Q1. All applicants must satisfy any of the following conditions at the time of submission.
    Please choose your qualification(s) for this application from the items (a-d) below and remove the others.
    a) I am a RIKEN R-CCS member.
    b) The organization I belong to has a contract for service/procurement with R-CCS.
    c) I have an account for the dedicated storage to migrate user data on K to Fugaku.
    d) I have an account for Supercomputer Fugaku.
    Q2. Please fill in the following items.
    1) HPCI-ID (if you have):
    2) Full Name:
    3) Nationality:
    4) Affiliation (Company/Institute/University/Collage):
    5) Affiliation (Department/Division/Team/Unit):
    6) Address (zip code + address):
    7) Title:
    8) E-mail:
    9) Phone number:
    10) Work location (choose either inside or outside Japan):

    Q3. If your eligibility is b in Q1, please answer the following items.

    1) contract name
    2) contract number
    3) contract period

    Q4. If your eligibility is c/d in Q1, please answer the following items.

    1) user id
    2) group id