This tool can generate a synthetic density map from a PDB file in a SITUS map format. The map resolution is specified by sigma value in [OPTION].  The variable auto_margin makes a margin between in the map edge and minimum/maximum coordinates of the input PDB file according to the specified margin_size_[x, y, z] (For details, see the usage by emmap_generator -h ctrl).

pdbfile       = input.pdb     # PDB file

mapfile       = output.sit    # SITUS file

check_only    = NO
map_format    = SITUS         # (SITUS)
auto_margin = YES # (YES/NO) margin_size_x = 20.0
margin_size_y = 20.0
margin_size_z = 20.0
voxel_size = 1.0
sigma = 2.5 # (half of map resolution) tolerance = 0.001