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Open House Day at RIKEN AICS on November 5th, 2016 in Kobe

Open House Day at RIKEN AICS on November 5th, 2016 in Kobe

Annual open house day will be held at RIKEN AICS on November 5th, 2016. Although most presentations and activities will be held in Japanese, we have some English speaking staff and everyone is welcome to join. (We now have more programs that have English assistance!) Please enjoy the already-famous view of the K computer as well as activities for kids, introduction of researches and others.

Open House day at RIKEN AICS

Date: Saturday, November 5th, 2016
Place: RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS) on Kobe Port Island (map)
(Nearest station: K Computer Mae of the Port Liner)
Time: 10am-4pm (please visit us by 3:45pm)
Admission: Free

Program 1

  • Take a look at K computer!
  • Introduction of researches by RIKEN AICS

    - First time programming: Operate a robot
    - A supercomputer that anyone can use
    - Feel the protein through a computer
    - Simulate sudden torrential rains! Peek inside the thunderclouds
    - Decrease earthquake damage! Urban simulation
    - New supercomputer, the next generation K computer!

  • Small seminars (only in Japanese)
  • Exhibition corner
  • Kobe Simulation Kingdom
  • Institutes and universities using the supercomputer introduce their research—such as computer simulations projects—in an easy-to-understand manner.

    - Fast, economical, high-quality drug development using a supercomputer
    - Join Genomon to see the latest cutting-edge research on medical applications!
    ※Genomon is a data analysis pipeline, and also official character's name.
    - Explore the weather and global environment of the future on a virtual globe inside the post-K computer
    - Let’s look at molecular movement on the K computer!
    - Accelerating the development of innovative clean energy systems with world-class super-simulation technology!
    - The Universe is made up of equations.
    - Let's take a look at the flow!
    - Get to know the world of elementary particles!

  • Play corner

    - Virtual tour
    - Calculation game
    and more

  • Supercomputer quiz rally 2016


Program 2  (Advance registration required)

We have the following facility tours;
(1) To see the cooling source building and the seismic isolation pits supporting the K computer (English OK!)
(2)To see the computer room and the air-handling unit room (Only in Japanese)

How to apply for a facility tour (1) in English

Registration is closed.
If you want to apply for a facility tour in Japanese (1) & (2), please refer to information in Japanese page

Note: This is a walking tour within AICS where you can visit both the cooling source building and the seismic isolation pits. It is not a tour of the Supercomputer, K computer. If you wish to go on the K computer tour, go to the “Take a look at the K computer!" in Program 1 which does not require reservation and is open for everyone.

Other important points

  • The tour will be recorded to keep a record. The recording may be used for public relations magazines, Facebook, or websites as part of our public relations effort.
  • Tour participants may also be interviewed and filmed by the press, who may report on the event.
  • The event content and schedule may be subject to change.

The event will be held as a part of open house day of the Kobe City Biomedical Innovation Cluster including RIKEN KOBE Branch(currently only in Japanese website).

If you have any inquires, please contact aics-koho[at]riken.jp.(please change [at] to @)