RIKEN Center for Computational Science

Supercomputer Fugaku

Message from Project Leader

Dr. Yutaka Ishikawa

Since 2014, the supercomputer Fugaku has been developed to help solve top-priority issues expected in the 2020s that were selected by MEXT. With the completion of Fugaku, we expect that problems taking a year to solve on the K computer will only take a few days on Fugaku. It will be applied to a broader range of problems and create a new usage of such a supercomputer. Fugaku will become an essential tool for solving problems in the areas of bioscience, disaster prevention, environmental issues, energy, and manufacturing. Moreover, applications for Society 5.0, such as big data and AI, are also expected to run efficiently on Fugaku.

In its development, we aim for a system that is highly productive and reliable, and which maintains a balance between performance and power consumption. To achieve this, we have been developing both hardware and software that enable high application performance with low power consumption. We have been also building software tools that make it easy to utilize Fugaku’s performance for applications. The Fugaku hardware will use leading-edge advanced micro-fabrication processing technology and ensure that it maintains a high level of reliability and fault tolerance.

To start public service in FY2021, we will be working to ensure that the system we develop will live up to expectations, and look forward to your continuing support and cooperation.

Yutaka Ishikawa
Project leader of the supercomputer Fugaku development