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Architecture Development Team

The architecture development team designs and develops the architecture of the Post-K supercomputer in cooperation with our partner vendor. Furthermore, we research and develop the programming environment to exploit the Post-K effectively.

As a part of a collaborative approach with application developers, we examine the design of the architecture to improve the performance of their applications, and the strategic guideline to increase the performance of the applications in order to achieve the high performance and efficiency of the whole system. We provide an evaluation environment for architectures and applications by developing tools such as CPU simulator and compiler for the simulator. With the simulator and compiler, we will evaluate a wide range of scientific applications to find an appropriate architecture. Also, they will support the development and optimization of applications during the time the Post-K computer under development.

It is expected that the Post-K should be a massively parallel system which consists of many nodes equipped with many cores. To exploit the system, application developers have to define the communication between nodes in addition to the program within a node. To release the developers from bothersome task, we have developed a parallel programming language called XcalableMP (XMP) for the K computer. We endeavor to develop the programming environment of the Post-K by enhancing and evolving the functions of XMP and to provide it to the uses of the Post-K.

Team Leader Mitsuhisa SATO

Team Leader
Mitsuhisa SATO