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The 3rd RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop

The 3rd RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop Group Photo

The 3rd RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop was held at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science from Friday, February 15 to Sunday, February 17, 2019. Started in FY 2016, this workshop gives students and young researchers in computational science and technology an opportunity to meet and learn from one another.

The 25 participants honed their communication and research presentation skills in an international setting through presentations and discussions in English. Throughout the workshop, participants—including non-Japanese students and young researchers from institutions in Japan and overseas—were able to get to know and form networks with each other.

The workshop began with participants introducing themselves, followed by a poster and discussion session aimed at deepening ties among participants. The second day featured a Senior Talk from R-CCS Deputy Director Sato. In the afternoon, participants divided into small groups to discuss and decide on a theme to present the following day. Each group was joined by two R-CCS researchers as mentors. At the wrap-up meeting on the final day, each group gave a presentation.

Through the workshop, participants were able to improve their English expression and communication skills not only by presenting their own research, but also through choosing and conducting discussions on interesting topics, such as collaborations between different research fields, in small groups.

Comments from this year’s participants included, “My networks expanded,” “It was interesting to talk with people from different research fields and cultures,” and “It was a good opportunity to talk with a mentor in a research field I’m interested in.” Overall, the workshop was a great success.

The 3rd RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop グループワークの様子 The 3rd RIKEN R-CCS HPC Youth Workshop ラップアップミーティングの様子
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