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HPCIofTomorrow 将来への取組み

Outline of the Development of the Post-K computer

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The post-K computer will be developed based on the following guiding principles:

Top priority on problem-solving research
During development, highest priority will be given to creating a system capable of contributing to the solution of various scientific and societal issues. For this, the hardware and software will be developed in a coordinated way (Co-design), with the aim to make it usable in a variety of fields.

World-leading performance
Create the most advanced general-use system in the world.

Improve performance through international cooperation
While leveraging Japan’s strengths, cooperate internationally to achieve world-leading technologies of the highest quality and become the international standard.

Continue the legacy of the K computer
Make the fullest use of the technologies, human resources, and applications of the K computer project for developing the post-K system.